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Why against FXcoins is an information war

Reliability and functionality of FXcoins allow everyone to earn money in the financial markets. Over the years, we have not changed our principles and currently 83% of customers have been trading with us for more than two years. High competition in the financial services market encourages us to constantly improve the quality of services, to justify the trust of customers by 100%.


FXcoins stands for fair competition, adequate criticism. The struggle for a potential customer, real negative reviews help us become better, respond quickly to new trends. To this end, we have created a page where every real customer can evaluate the FXcoins service.


On third-party (usually bribery) ratings, reviews, you can see hundreds of negative reviews about FXcoins and other top brokers. The dirty information policy of one-day brokers distorts the idea of not only the work of our company, but also of the financial markets as a whole. For fake reviews, companies turn to reputable agencies directly or find artists on exchanges. There are many offers. They pay a penny.


How to recognize fake online reviews


1. There will certainly be a lot of paid reviews in a particular place, and not just one or a couple;


2. The paid reviews are voluminous, because they were paid to copywriters. It is enough to go to any large exchange of copywriters to make sure that there are dozens of orders for fake reviews, descriptions;


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3. The work of The amateur is given out by excessive stereotyping, a clear structure, sequence of presentation, a certain amount;


4. Details do not match. Copywriters come up on the go - and don't always guess. For example, they write that trading on FXcoins is in dollars, but in fact all transactions are in Euros.


Consider FXcoins Template Custom Reviews


● Obvious details do not match




In pursuit of quick money, fake reviewers make simple mistakes. Our company name is FXcoins, not FX Coin. The company indicated in the recall has no relation either to us or to the financial markets, but is an online cryptocurrency exchange. We do not accept responsibility to claim that this company is deceiving our customers. We affirm only one thing: the review was compiled by a person who did not deal with our service.


● Errors and abstractions


Performers of an information attack do not always have time to study trading conditions, methods of depositing and withdrawing funds. As a result, we have only general, impersonal formulations: "scam, fraud, grubbery." It takes only 5 minutes to get acquainted with our company to refute these allegations.


FXcoins does not offer potential customers to start trading with $ 10,000.


  • Firstly, the client can start trading with 250 € or use a demo account;
  • Secondly, trade is in euros, not dollars;
  • Thirdly, we are not limited to cryptocurrencies. Indices, commodity market, CFD - our customers always have freedom of choice.


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● Double Standards Policy


An offshore company is a way to conduct business comfortably in conditions of global political and economic instability. In countries with favorable tax conditions for non-residents, it is convenient to register your business and work for large international holdings. FXcoins has never and never will hide its registered office: Suite 305, Griflith Corporation Center, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. VincentandtheGrenadines. All company documents are publicly available on the site.




A vivid example of "Yandex", IT-giant Russia was in the Netherlands! Doing business in Russia is a risky and difficult task. High taxes, excessive regulations to the products, which increase its cost and reduce competitiveness. The website contains customized comments and reviews are also located offshore.




Due to well developed industry contract reviews absolutely no competition develops and the quality of feedback from customers.
A targeted campaign to discredit is not only against FXcoins. All popular international brokers are faced with regular information attacks.








Challenging false reviews is a time consuming task. Purchasing in opposition to positive feedback FXcoins will not be — it is more pragmatic to continue to develop the quality of service. To make for the first 5 minutes of acquaintance with our services you have formed a true idea of the company.