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Vietnamese Ministry of Education will start using blockchain technology to issue diplomas

FXcoins - Vietnamese Ministry of Education will start using blockchain technology to issue diplomas

Vietnam's Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has entered into an exclusive agreement with Singapore-based TomoChain smart contracts to archive student records on the block, TomoChain announced on Wednesday.


According to the announcement, the National Qualifications Archiving Program will upload all certificates earned by Vietnamese high school and university students into the public TomoChain blockchain to create transparent and immutable. Qualifications during audits by staffing agencies and human resources are provided in the statement.


Record keeping and identity verification is the application of blockchain technology that can be applied in government. Earlier this year, US lawmakers are taking advantage of blockchain technology to modernize registries and procurement.


"The management of diplomas and certificates is an issue that must be solved with the help of technology, which is of great importance for the whole society, and is also cost-effective for the system of managing diplomas in particular and education in general," said the Deputy Minister of Education and Training Vietnam's Nguyen Van Phuc in a press statement.


The Archives Initiative is the largest blockchain research in Vietnam to date and marks the first case of a public blockchain adopted nationally by the government, the announcement said.


A number of countries and educational institutions have tested blockchain-based registries for keeping student records. In 2017, Malta's Ministry of Education struck a deal with a blockchain startup to record student data and academic records on the blockchain. In the same year, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) issued 100 blockchain diplomas as part of a pilot program.


TomoChain is headquartered in Singapore with additional offices in Vietnam and Japan. It has its own cryptocurrency exchange, TomoDEX, which runs on the TomoX Layer 1 protocol, which launched earlier this year.


In September 2020, TomoChain acquired the German firm Lition, which provides public and private blockchain solutions with removable data functions.


After testing in Vietnam, up to 1.5 million diplomas of all types, issued by educational institutions under the Ministry of Education and Science, will be introduced into the system. According to TomoChain, the nationwide system should be implemented in the 2020-2021 academic year.

19 November 2020

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