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If BTC will rise more than 25 000 USD

FXcoins - If BTC will rise more than 25 000 USD

July 28, 2020, the cost of bitcoin for the first time exceeded 11 000 USD. At the same time, Heisenberg Capital founder Max Keiser spoke about the fact that in the long run the price of the first cryptocurrencies will rise by 150%. In his Twitter account Kaiser added that the price may increase to 28 000 USD.


And here Sergey Troshin, is CEO of the data center Six-Nines approves the following “bitcoin attractive for investment. However, the update of the maxima in the region of 28 000 USD, which outlined the Kaiser, it is unlikely. As usual, the first one is the most powerful, other HYIPs have below. Perhaps when bitcoin will reach the mark of 17 000-18 000 USD, many will begin to emerge, waiting for correction”.


After Troshin said that such a rise is possible in the next few years. In addition, the cost of bitcoin is affected by many factors: from unfavorable news, ending another restriction in some countries.


Experts believe that the cryptocurrency market is developing and has already been adopted in the traditional financial environment. The number of investors grows every day, which stimulates the growth of prices. But you should pay attention that cryptohalite market is experiencing high volatility and uncertainty in the future, so nobody known future actions of investors.


We remind you that during the first wave of the pandemic in the fashion industry, the price of bitcoin fell over 3 800 USD, however, in may the price has reached 8 000 USD. At the moment, since March the price of bitcoin has increased by 210%. The technical analysts claim that there may be further growth, but in the near future the price will not rise more than 14,000 USD.


Lavrov is the founder Tradunity, says “Bitcoin has made a good move up. Out of the range and at the same time, rose above the psychologically important level of 10,000 USD. With the “technical” side has everything you need to move up in the format of the uptrend. Goals can be $12 000 USD, 14 000 USD, it is quite achievable.”


Lavrov goes on to say that the cost of bitcoin can reach its historic high, but on the condition that the upward trend will last. But since the market is influenced by many factors, there is a possibility that the price will again start to fall and drops below 6 000 USD.


Summing up it is worth noting that if you look at the situation as a whole, the growth of bitcoin does not interfere. But to predict the exact scenario is impossible, because the forecasts on the price of bitcoin ranged from 28 000 to USD 6 000 USD. In addition, do not forget about the second wave of coronavirus, which will make adjustments to the stock markets and prices will once again collapse.

29 July 2020

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