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Bitcoin is not far behind Tesla: experts said the asset rational to invest

FXcoins - Bitcoin is not far behind Tesla: experts said the asset rational to invest

The value of the shares of the American company Tesla for the last month has risen to 84%, after which a good share of the participants of the cryptocurrency market began to include securities of the company to digital assets. The second reason for this comparison was the history of the company Mask, as in 2010, the shares of Tesla appeared on the market value of 19,2 USD, at the same time, there is bitcoin, whose price was trading around 8 us cents.


Now Tesla's shares traded in the range of $ 1,500 per unit, and the bitcoin for USD 9 400. Despite the fact that the shares of the company Elon musk in 2020, its growth significantly outperformed bitcoin, the similarity in volatility allows you to spend a few analogies.


Consider the securities of Tesla. In March 2020, when the world began the pandemic coronavirus, the company's shares slipped and fell to 350 USD, but at the end of June, investors learned about the release of a new electric vehicle with a powerful electric motor, allowing to exploit the Model S and Model X for a million miles without recharging, after which the stock soared to a cost of 1 790 USD, reaching its historical maximum.


But it is necessary to remember in 2017, when bitcoin was trading for 20 000 USD, after its value began to decline rapidly. A similar example is the bitcoin rally in August 2019, when the cost for the first half of the year reached a value of 11 000 USD, after which it again began to invest. Further, at the end of February 2020 the price of bitcoin fell to the level of 3 200 USD, and was able to show a slight increase only in may.


Analysts believe that investing in Tesla stock is now not worth it, because there is a likelihood that the release of the new electric cars their price will drop to $ 1,100. Now the situation with Tesla stock looks like a large bubble. Despite the fact that the company can include in the S&P 500 index, after reporting second quarter figures may not be as positive as expected by most investors.


To buy shares of companies after their first significant growth is not necessary, at least because it goes against the current realities of the financial markets and the fast-approaching crisis. Investing in Tesla may be relevant only for those traders, who are not afraid to play on the slide and be ready to be left with nothing. That is why at the moment bitcoin looks like a more sustainable asset for investment than Tesla shares.

23 July 2020

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