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Why Russia love altcoins

FXcoins - Why Russia love altcoins

According to the research service blockchaincenter.net., Russia ranks second in the world in the interest Aldona. Despite the fact that one third of the Russian population prefers a variety of cryptocurrencies, the most popular digital coin in the world is a bitcoin. In 35% of cases Russian captainvalor request such digital currencies as: Ethereum, XRP and others. The rest 65% of cases the search is dominated by bitcoin, both in Russia and around the world.


After analyzing all of the queries from Google regarding the cryptocurrency, the researchers had the following characteristics: bitcoin is 80.8%, Ethereum - 13,7%, Ripple XRP is 7.7%. Also, the ten most popular digital coins includes: Litecoin, Bitcoin, Cash, IOTA, Monero, Tron, Doge and Cardano.


The more popularity bitcoin has, in Kenya, this is where the local people are interested in cryptocurrency in 94.7% of cases. Similar to the popularity of bitcoin has in Brazil and Chile. The top ten countries in terms of demand for the main digital asset also fell in Germany and Poland, 8 and 10 places respectively.


At the end of may FINTECH startup Revolut reported on the growing popularity of the cryptocurrency among its clients from UK. At the end of April the number of users of online Bank investing in digital coins, increased by 68%. The total volume of purchases increased by 57%, 63% raised a sum of the individual transactions


But today, Wednesday, June 17, bitcoin price falls and the first cryptocurrency is trading at 9482,29 USD. This time, the Ether has risen to 233,4 USD and XRP fell 0,191 USD.


Analysts at FxPro indicate - “bitcoin Price changed little over the past day, left at 9500 UDF. On the one hand, the bears quickly retreated to the recession. On the other hand, the bulls also do not show interest in further purchases. The trading volume on the network was reduced by 21% in anticipation of external shocks. Nevertheless under the surface are quite remarkable processes that are not yet affect the current price of the asset.


In Glassnode came to the conclusion that the number of bitcoin wallets with a balance of more than 1 thousand BTC again is approaching in 2017 — at the time when its price was 20 000 USD. In addition, CME has seen a significant surge in trading activity. For the month from 10 may to 10 June, the amount of open interest in bitcoin options on the Chicago Mercantile exchange jumped more than 10 times to 373 million dollars”

17 June 2020

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