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Bitcoin is rapidly gaining popularity

FXcoins - Bitcoin is rapidly gaining popularity

American holding company Fidelity Investments surveyed about 800 customers that are parties to the digital, traditional pension and hedge funds. The data obtained after studies have indicated that large businesses are starting to consider digital currency as a valuable asset.


Let us turn to the data. About 36% of respondents 774 large institutional investors in the U.S. and Europe own the bitcoin and other less known but quite volatile digital assets.


Experts from Fidelity Investments found that over the years 2019-2020 in the United States increased the share of investment investors: from 22% to 27%. Under the investors are the parties digital, pension and traditional hedge funds as well as consultants, traders and other market participants. On the territory of the European Union indicator of investors is 45%.


Tom Jessop, the chief of Fidelity Investments, believes that the digital currency gain confidence and become valuable assets to society. He points out - “the results confirm the trend of growing interest and recognition of digital money as a new investment asset class”.


He also noticed that most institutional crypto-investors from the Euro zone because a sufficiently loyal to the laws and the prevalence of negative interest rates. It is not surprising that the participants prefer bitcoin because unlike other assets to bring greater profitability. The only thing that is a barrier for investors is the high volatility of the digital currency, then the investment becomes less secure.


In early June, Bloomberg released a report that also pointed to the growing demand for digital assets among institutional investors. It was named one of the reasons why the bitcoin exchange rate can rise to 20 000 USD to the end of the year.


And what will happen next? You Ask. Analysts at FxPro noted - “the Activity of traditional financial markets, apparently, drew off the attention of investors and traders of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is trading around USD 9,800, adding slightly over a day with stable trading volumes of about 22 billion dollars. On the daily charts bitcoin tendency of growth, as evidenced by higher intraday lows. However, the bulls failed to break through the glass ceiling of 10 000 USD. Index of greed and fear since last week, remains in the neutral zone, also indicating the expectation of market participants of further triggers. In this situation, neither the sellers nor the buyers do not want to retreat first. It is obvious that bitcoin is very active and receives support after attempts of bears to create downward momentum. At this time some time to enjoy a relatively stable (by the standards of the stock market) rate, which in theory should stimulate growth in the use of coins as means of payment. At the same time we should not forget about pitfalls: miners to sell mined coins earlier on the approach to $ 10,000, and investors are betting on a reduction in the supply of bitcoin after halving”.

11 June 2020

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