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As bitcoin company passed a policy GoogleAds

FXcoins - As bitcoin company passed a policy GoogleAds

Cryptocurrency exchange CoinCorn, geographically located in the UK, are unable to get on the advertising platform of Google Ads, while her version of phishing has continued to attract potential customers.


The crux of the matter is that Google's policy against cryptocurrency companies and the relevant content is not fully developed and is continuing to cause some issues. Many times Forklog drew attention to the emergence of various episodes of Youtube and eventually launched an information campaign #ForkGoogle. The aim of the campaign is to support the distributed technologies on the basis of popular crypto systems.


Ambiguous policy Google GoogleAds caused a negative reaction from the crypto community. Not looking at what the Internet giant has lifted a complete ban on the advertising of bitcoin, the cryptocurrency exchange CoinCorner failed to use contextual advertising. Interesting is that the copy continues be targeted.


Marketing Manager exchange CoinCorner Molly Spiers said, “We couldn't use GoogleAds for many years despite the fact that we had more than enough evidence to prove that we are legitimate.”


But the CEO of the platform is Danny Scott tweet under Spiers confirmed that they can't get the truth from Google for a long time, although CoinCorner six years and is under the regulation of the financial services Agency (FSA).


The situation is ambiguous, as Google gives the search to a fraudulent website www.coincornerr.com the mirror of the present www.coincorner.com. The problem is that the clone of a site is fraudulent, which can lead to leakage of users ' personal data.


Marketing Manager CoinCorner claims that the bitcoin exchange was access to the service since its launch in June 2014 until June 2018, at a time when the policy imposed a total ban on the advertising of the company's cryptocurrency. At the moment, little has changed, although the change in policy has affected the US and Japan, and the exchange is based in the UK.


Strange that this kind of activity Google is still paying attention. According to the latest CoinCorner managed to make contact with the AdWords platform, while its phishing version was excluded from it.

01 May 2020

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