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Whether Bitcoin will reach $20 000

FXcoins - Whether Bitcoin will reach $20 000

Billionaire and head of the Galaxy Digital said in any case cease to believe in the first cryptocurrency. Why its price will rise to 8400 USD, explained Peter brand. Mike Novogratz, head of the Digital Galaxy and part-millionaire, claims he lowered his hands, if the price of bitcoin rise up to the end of the year. He makes emphasis on the fact that if the first cryptocurrency will not show an increase, in the future it will occur with even lower probability.


Novogratz continued, “this year should be the year of bitcoin, and if he doesn't rise to the end of the year, I lower my hands. If he doesn't start to go up now, I don't know if it happens at all.” In addition, he highlighted that in 2020, expects 100% growth in the value of the first cryptocurrencies in the next six months. Subsequently, by the end of the year the price of gold should break through its historic high and stay around 20 000 USD, suggested the Director.


Mike Novogratz has long been sitting on the market, so it was easy to see that the market of cryptocurrency has been significantly upgraded. Today in the digital coins start investing hedge funds and investors whose financial assets exceed 1 million USD, said the billionaire.


In addition, my colleague decided to support the well-known trader Peter Brandt, who wrote on his Twitter account that the rate of the main digital asset will soon rise to around 8400 USD. On the chart, the coins formed a pattern of "ascending triangle", speaking in favor of rising prices, the expert explained.


At this stage, bitcoin is trading at around 6872 24 hours it rose by 4.5%. The daily trading volume coin grew by 21% and reached 48 billion USD. Yesterday, April 13, Brandt announced a different forecast. According to the trader, bitcoin will remain a page in the history books and is inferior to corn as she was popular for decades and will continue to be in demand in the future.

14 April 2020

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