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Took in the cryptocurrency gave in counterfeit rubles

FXcoins - Took in the cryptocurrency gave in counterfeit rubles

Recently the employees of the interior Ministry of the Russian Federation has revealed a criminal gang of counterfeiters who were engaged in sale of fake rubles in the darknet marketplace Hydra for the cryptocurrency. The police say that during the year its activities, the group printed and exchanged about one billion rubles.


The production of counterfeit banknotes occurred in Nizhny Novgorod, the sale was made through Hydra. Exchange procedure was simple: after the buyer paid in bitcoin, the fraudsters made a batch of counterfeit bills and sent them to the destination through the Moscow transport company. To identify the scammers used a fraudulent passport.


But the creators of the Internet platform Hydra has been a resident of Moscow and a resident of Balashikha. The journalists of the “Kommersant” was told - “wholesale party (500 thousand rubles) went for 10-15% of face value. But a basic income would bring a small party of 10 to 150 thousand rubles, which enjoyed the greatest demand in the regions, and the counterfeiters, they could buy 30% of face value”.


The rest of the associates of the group acted on a different plan. They left a fake ruble notes in the caches, the coordination of which was provided to customers through the application of Hydra. No less interesting is the fact that the gang members have never seen each other personally. They met and began to communicate through the “mirror” Hydra blocked by Roskomnadzor, which complicated the police ability to reach the attackers.


First the fake money was discovered in Tatarstan, then the police are unable to identify the attackers. The members of the group were upasani and found by ordinary distributors. The main producing counterfeit bills were residents of Nizhny Novgorod region, during the search they seized equipment for producing fake rubles.


The Pro version of the investigation it was established that the activities of criminals lasted about a year. During this short time period the group was able to realize about 1 billion rubles in banknotes in denominations of 5, 2 and 1 thousand.


The detainees are charged under articles 210 and 186 of the criminal code — organizing a criminal community, as well as the manufacture and distribution of counterfeit money. Among the defendants in a criminal case as manufacturers and distributors, and buyers from nearly three dozen Russian regions. We will remind, in December in Hydra announced plans for the ICO to raise funds for the transnational platform of prohibited goods.

08 April 2020

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