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A token toilet paper

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No one could have imagined that in 2020 toilet paper would gain wide demand among consumers and become a valuable asset. When the coronavirus epidemic turned into a pandemic, toilet paper became so valuable that it was difficult to find in stores around the world, leading to public disorder. To buy the coveted roll, people were willing to do anything.


To give a small example: in November 2019, global consumption of toilet paper was about 10 billion rolls per month, with an average of one consumer buying two rolls per month for personal use. But after governments started calling on people to stay home, almost everyone decided that the main goal was to buy as much toilet paper as possible for home use. The scale was staggering as the use of rolls increased to 15 billion rolls per month worldwide by the end of February 2020.


Why do you need to turn paper into a digital asset?


TTB (toilet paper token) uses "dirty contracts" to track the total number of rolls that users have purchased over a certain period of time. Thanks to TTB, users are able to buy toilet paper online to avoid the risks associated with coronavirus. The use of the Ply Count algorithm has helped manufacturers to calculate how much toilet paper each household is entitled to receive.


The bonus of the system is that consumers will no longer have to fight in the store for the last roll, because if stores run out of stocks, the TTB holders will be the first to be notified of a new shipment of strategically important goods. The TTB Holding provides a cohesive system and rational distribution of toilet paper throughout the world. The token creators claim that the mission of the TTB is the only chance to save humanity from regression to the first two levels of the Maslow pyramid hierarchy.


How to get a token of toilet paper?


To calculate the TTB, all interested persons should register on the platform Ply Count and answer the questions of the quiz, which will determine the number of rolls they are entitled to buy. The number of questions will vary depending on the number of family members and previous gastrointestinal problems.


Once TTB scores are received, each user will be able to exchange tokens for toilet paper. If your tokens run out, the patented Ply Count algorithm will highlight the number of tokens you can buy to replenish your stock.


1 TTB = 1.64 USD


Capitalization of contaminated contracts: $85,583,000,000.


Total proposal: 8


Average statistic basket of products: Dynamically produced in response to changing demand levels.


Volume: 41,758,500,000


How do you buy a token of toilet paper?


For the first time tokens for toilet paper will be released on April 1, 2020 at Shitake Exchange. All investors will have to pass the Ply Count test, which mathematically determines the correct amount of TTB, which investors can buy within a month. After using tokens, they will be burned to avoid monopolies in the markets.


How to Repay TTB


For private investors, a blocking period of five minutes will be provided. Owners of TTB tokens will receive toilet paper for home delivery. If quarantine control in the state or investor's country does not allow freedom of movement, token owners can exchange their tokens for toilet rolls in local shops.

02 April 2020

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