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Hackers Digital Revolution and new cyber weapons from the FSB

FXcoins - Hackers Digital Revolution and new cyber weapons from the FSB

Digital Revolution is a Russian group of hackers, the specialization of which is focused on hacking accounts of authorities. Recently the group published technical documentation of programs, “Gable”, “Gable-3D”, “the Pediment is 18”. These programs were developed by intelligence agencies in order to carry out massive cyber attacks using devices of the Internet.


Despite the fact that one program has three versions, each of them has a General law. Their goal is to infect various “smart” devices, combine them into a common network, and then to bring down these servers, which depends on the supply of entire countries.


On the document “layout of development work”, if you believe the information in the merged files worked ZAO “Informinvest” by order of the military unit No. 64829. The latter is better known as a Centre of information security of the FSB.


More information can be heard on the website of the Russian service of the BBC. However, they report that the development of cyber weapons is likely to have involved the Moscow company “0ДТ” (0day), which was hacked back in April of 2019.


The process of contamination of the device occurs in the following scenario: 95% of the botnet should consist of IP cameras and digital video recorders — “if they broadcast the video, you have a large enough channel of communication to effectively make a DDoS”. In addition, there is the so-called “search server”, which are potential targets for attack. To the server it is possible to connect using the Tor browser or a virtual private network.


The review indicated, “network scanning occurs by infected machines. Thus, the growth of infection occurs exponentially. When you reach a certain number of machines (tens of thousands) for a range of IPv4 addresses, it becomes possible to complete the search for all addresses.” In addition, the documentation indicated that users prefer oT device out of the box without changing the default usernames and passwords and thus making yourself vulnerable to hackers.


Published by hackers drain consists of created in 2017-2018, 12 technical documents, diagrams and code snippets. Digital Revolution stressed that “Gables” can be used for “spying on the whole world.” As a reminder, in July last year was a hacked server in Moscow IT company, Scitech, which could be a non-public contractor for the Russian special services.

23 March 2020

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