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DAOGroup will present his blockchain casino

FXcoins - DAOGroup will present his blockchain casino

The number and volume of transactions in the digital market is dominated by gambling application. Because in 2019, the total capitalization of turnover of Ethereum blockchains, EOS, Steem, Tron, TomoChain and IOST totaled 933 billion USD. However, at this stage the blockchain significant income is not responsible for and does not cover the needs of the gambling industry. If gambling users need a functional game, the developers need a powerful virtual machine to create them. Also, casino owners are interested in a quick connecting and configuring applications.


At this stage, the company DAOGroup creating a special system, which will be an integral part of the gambling industry on the blockchain DAOBet.


What is the ecosystem DAOGroup


DAOPlatform, DAOWallet and DAOGames is what included in products DAOGroup. All products operate at the expense of blockchain DAOBet running validators in November 2019. The crypto DAOWallet still works on beta, which was launched on the market in November last year. DAOPlatform and DAOGames are in development.


What is DAOPlatform


DAOPlatform is the base set of modules for the blockchain casinos. The point is simple - the client chooses the games, payment systems, reports, and affiliate program, and then DAOPlatform expands casino and reports to the owner for further handling. All financial transactions are done by smart contracts, it allows the casino to ensure the safety of players and traffic providers.


What is DAOGames


DAOGames is a marketplace where you can select a casino game where you can choose from: roulette, blackjack, poker, and craps. However, the developers claim that soon there will be other card games and slots. In creating applications DAOGames participate productology and marketers the leading suppliers of gaming: Evolution Gaming, the iGP and Enlabs.


What is DAOWallet


Thanks to the crypto DAOWallet users will be able to access the games on DAOPlatform. In your wallet you can buy and send the tokens are BET, payout and withdraw on credit cards.


What is Blockchain from DAOBet


DAOBet is the blockchain for the gaming industry on the basis of EOS. He inherited the main advantages of this network: the lack of commissions, high transaction speed, scalability and support of virtual machines WebAssembly.

20 January 2020

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