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Cryptocurrency EOS showed growth

FXcoins -  Cryptocurrency EOS showed growth

EOS is one of the five most capitalized cryptocurrency. Today, 14 January 2019, the price for EOS rose above 3,1837 USD, showing an increase of 2%. The indicator rose well above the psychological mark.


All day, the cryptocurrency is trading at USD 3,1837 at 04:21 (01:21 GMT) and during the day shows a growth of 1.51% is the most prominent growth in recent times. Price movement on the EOS provoked the growth of market capitalization to 3,0149 B USD, in percentage terms showing up on the dash ,33% of the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. We remind you that at the peak of the rise, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies EOS was 17,5290 B USD.


In the last days of the EOS digital currency traded in the range of from 3,1050 3,2087 USD to USD. If we take into account last week, cryptocurrency EOS showed growth estimates ranging gained-pct. In the last 24 hours the volume of cryptocurrency EOS was 2,1076 B USD, or 2.62% of total cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency was trading in the range from 2,6575 3,2263 USD to USD in the last 7 days.


EOS the last peak was recorded on 29 April, 2018, a figure which is made up 22.98 USD. But at the moment the cryptocurrency EOS shows still below 86,15% from their peak values.


Results for other cryptocurrencies as well go up. Advanced cryptocurrency bitcoin world in the last 24 hours rose by 2.07% and continues to grow, reaching indicators 8.332,2 USD. Equally well-known cryptocurrency Ethereum in the last 24 hours showed an increase of 0.40%, which amounted to USD 145,69.


The market capitalization of Bitcoin previously was $151,3947 B or 66,61% of total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies, while the capitalization of the Ethereum was $15,9747 B or of 7.03% of the total cryptocurrency market.

14 January 2020

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