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Will survive Litecoin, and Ethereum in 2020?

FXcoins - Will survive Litecoin, and Ethereum in 2020?

6 January 2020, on the YouTube channel ForkLog was performed live in collaboration with the Weiss, which is a popular analyst and trader in the global cryptosuite. In this article, we have compiled the most relevant aspects of the stream that can affect trades.


Holders altcoins


Drawing an analogy with the beginning of 2019, the funds invested in Aldon decreased in tens times. Many owners Aldona for 2019 have lost so large means that they have no sense to switch to bitcoin. After all, even with the increase in the price of bitcoin, they will remain in the violas, while their price will not go to zero.


Why the falling price of altcoins


The tone Weiss claims that in 2020 the performance of the most well-known altcoins down to zero. But unknown will happen exactly the opposite, however, they will still leave the market. Such movements are associated with what is centralized the shares of specific companies and currencies of countries, however, they are not as strong as bitcoin.


Weiss says - “Who will use Litecoin when we have Lightning Network, who will use Ethereum when we have a sidechained Liquid Network? Would people use a token Binance? I don't know, because it is not needed”.


What will happen to bitcoin in 2020


Weiss believes that in 2020 bitcoin will be much to lead, as the cryptocurrency speculates, however, that its price is still unknown. 2019 was indicative of bitcoin as the leading cryptocurrency has always been at the hearing, there were no forks, and still came out Liquid Network. Weiss to think that in 2020 bitcoin will slowly kill Ethereum and Litecoin.


It is believed that the price of bitcoin will go up in 2021, so in 2020 the technology of bitcoin will continue to grow rapidly. Weiss Says - “come to the people that the future of cryptocurrency will be only bitcoin”.


The volatility in bitcoin daily chart


The tone Weiss points out - “if now the price will rise higher than 7 000 USD, there is a good chance of growth to 8 300 - 8 500 USD. But in the first quarter to halving of bitcoin, I still expect us to fall to 5 000 - 6 000 USD. The biggest problem is that every time the 200-day price starts to go down, have a bitcoin recession for a period of 12 months or more. I expect that in 2020 the price will be in the range less than 10 000 USD. To break through the level of 10,000 USD, we will probably be only next year or even a couple of years.”

08 January 2020

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