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Now for a visa to Thailand can be obtained through the Blockchain

FXcoins - Now for a visa to Thailand can be obtained through the Blockchain

Thanks to the Australian travel company ShareRing in Thailand was developed by the blockchain-a system of Electronic Visa On Arrival (eVOA), which is designed for the issuance of tourist visas. Gateway Services will handle the processing of electronic visas to visitors to the country. The report was published that the first visas are issued to the people of China and India, however, further planned development of the system for about 5 million tourists from 20 countries.


Tim boss, who is the CEO and co-founder ShareRing, told reporters that the system of eVOA will make the process of issuing visas to tourists more operational. At this stage, the process of issuing visas is based on bureaucracy, which includes paper work and manual labor. To obtain permission to enter the country, tourists have to submit their photos, reservations of hotels and copies of their tickets, and the processing of such a large array of information to take too much time and resources.


Barefoot says - “we see this partnership as an opportunity to expand further. But this is not the case, in which rush, because you need to check everything before to promote our solution to the markets of other countries.”


Any information technology is the risk, as they are most susceptible to fraud, the risks of data leaks and other problems that are inherent in traditional electronic systems. Despite this, the Thai government believes that the blockchain is one of the few ways to verify the authenticity of the documents and to expedite and increase quality of data processing.


Thanks to the system, by definition, digital signatures and identification OneID for Gateway Services personally developed and provided by the company ShareRing, collect and analyze data will become a lot easier. As the technology will collect all the data about a person into one file, encrypt it and place it on the blockchain - they will remain unchanged.


Besides, now in Thailand use the blockchain for oil exports, so the SEC of Thailand will change scriptrepository. And at the beginning of 2019, Hong Kong and Thailand will prepare a study report CBDC.

20 December 2019

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