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How cryptocurrency helps to circumvent state supervision

FXcoins - How cryptocurrency helps to circumvent state supervision

After a series of protests in Hong Kong cryptocurrency investing is beginning to gain popularity. Such a demand has emerged as a special social tool by which you can bypass the omnipresent surveillance state of China.


Despite the fact that the draft law on extradition was disproved, the Hong Kong government was forced to impose a state of emergency for all social regulatory fronts. We remind you that if the extradition act began to operate, law enforcement would have been permitted to detain and transport people in mainland China.


Chinese people have used to be in suspended financial condition and fear, so there is nothing unusual in the fact that people chose to use a cryptocurrencies, through which you can escape from state supervision. A number of companies such as: Hong Kong's Free Press HKmap.live (local free equivalent of Google Maps) and Pricerite spoke about the fact that they are ready to accept cryptocurrencies as donations.


Renowned developer HKmap.live under the alias Kuma told about why cryptocurrencies are starting to demand from a large audience. According to him, the government of Hong Kong has led to the fact that people want to hide their identity. Service Kuma takes this crypto currency like: BTC, ETH, BCH, XMR, ZEC, XLM, XRP and NANO, and the last three were requested by users.


The Company HKmap.live provided data, which indicated that they have already managed to collect a few thousand USD. The received amount will be used to pay for operational and legal costs. At the end he says “the anonymity of cryptocurrencies is substantially decreased the risks and protect us and our users. Many attribute cryptocurrency to something bad, but I don't think so. It is quite true. It is likely that with bitcoin Finance is really illegal activity, but Fitna currency in this plan are used for much longer and in much larger volumes.”

19 November 2019

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