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Innovation USA in the field of cryptocurrency

FXcoins - Innovation USA in the field of cryptocurrency

Digital currencies are rapidly included in the financial environment, it is not surprising that advanced countries have made significant efforts for their regulation. The US Federal reserve began searching for an employee who could conduct research in the field of integration of cryptocurrencies, technologies of the distributed registry of the blockchain and steilacoom in the work of the state Central Bank.


The vacancy is for the experienced financier who will understand not only in the field of crypto, but also in everyday financial transactions. Experts believe that the Central Bank and the fed to begin preparing to release its own cryptocurrency. It is safe to say that such actions is a breakthrough. The first actions the Federal reserve aimed at investing in human resources for the integration of technology into existing systems.


The vacancy was posted on the official website of the US Federal reserve, it is stated that the place of work a new employee will be located in the Central Bank in Washington, and the main task will be the management of retail payments the Federal reserve, oversight of the automated cash management services that promote research in innovation in retail payments, as well as issues of policy and regulation of retail payment systems. Provided further that the employee will perform such functions as “support for studies in innovation, including digital currency, stabilini, technologies of the distributed registry, as well as financial and digital innovations in retail payments”.


The wages a new employee will be 250 000 USD per year, equal to 20 891 USD per month. In addition to the above duties, the employee will have to enter in the political sphere, creating regulatory acts concerning retail payments. Also, the employee will be required to submit the opinion of the Board of governors in other parts of the Board, reserve banks and government institutions.


Christopher Giancarlo, who is a former Chairman of the Commission on trade in commodity futures, spoke about the fact that the US government's time to seriously consider developing their own cryptocurrency. In addition, October this year, two congressmen asked the chairmanship of the Federal reserve's instruction on introduction of the state of cryptocurrency.

05 November 2019

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