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The blockchain: what innovations to expect from the developer EOS

FXcoins - The blockchain: what innovations to expect from the developer EOS

Dan Larimer, who is the developer of the EOS Protocol and technical Director of the company Block.One, proposed to improve the system, the blockchain. The essence of in improving the quality of decentralized network management and improve reliability manufacturers blocks.


As stated by the Larimer - “the purpose of management bloccano — to make decisions in the interest of an increasing number of people, minimizing opportunities for small groups to act in a manner that brings her a benefit at the expense of community.”


Dan Larimer has offered to make the analogy to securities of the U.S. Treasury, thereby to establish current market interest rates. To enter information just, it is necessary to give voice to selected tokens that were locked in long term contract to staking. This system will balance the funding, the damage which causes the loss of liquidity and a disproportionate length of lock tokens. The functionality of the system will be formed by 6 steningevik pools, blocking funds for: 3, 6, 12 months, 2 years, 5 and 10 years.


The system will be based on the principle of the system of interest rates. Users will receive an income proportionate share in a pool, for example: for a 3-month withdrawal will cost 0,2% , and for 10 years-7%. The interest will depend on the amounts of shares in each staking pool. Any operation will only be possible through the payment of interest.


Of course, innovation LAMER will focus on higher yield, however, such actions will form the yield curve, which will operate on the basis of a balance of power. The rejection of liquidity in ten years is not what I want to get investors, therefore he introduced the measure for three months, which provides low income and influence. On three-month boundaries have to agree with many, said Larimer.


It is assumed that the maximum level of tokens inflation will be about 3.5%. Larimer believes that the bonus manufacturers should reach 0.5% per annum of the issue, which is proportional to to determine the expense of the votes. The blocks worked steadily, they will limit the decline in yields (if the drop reliability drops to 97%, the yield will account for 73% of the maximum).

16 October 2019

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