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Facebook: how cryptocurrency Facebook influenced the exchange rate of Bitcoin

FXcoins - Facebook: how cryptocurrency Facebook influenced the exchange rate of Bitcoin

For anybody not a secret that analysts predict a decline in the price of cryptocurrencies in the near future. Despite the fact that the majority of experts says that the price of Bitcoin increases dramatically, most liquid cryptocurrency on the contrary will fall in price. Jerome Powell, who is the head of the Federal reserve system of the United States, stated that the cryptocurrency Libra from Facebook must comply with the most stringent criteria, without rights to benefits, although I use those. The problem is that earlier, the representatives of Facebook said that all manipulations with Libra will be agreed with the US government.


Movements on the stock exchange are not encouraging, the dollar to bitcoin according to a virtual cryptocurrency exchanges Libertex fell to 167 USD 10 is approximately of 1.80%, with the scale of capitalization in the amount of 184.8 billion USD.


The same thing happened with Ether, the price dropped to the same period in 178,1 USD, that percentage is - 2,77%, subject to cap of 19.2 billion USD. Ripple lost about 0,2579 USD percentage of 2.01%, while the capitalization of 11.2 billion USD. Total capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is approximately 264.1 billion USD. Analysts believe that in the near future, the market prices will only decline.


We remind you that before starting the cryptocurrency Libra, representatives of Facebook said that the project will be unique. Partnerships with large corporations such as Visa, Mastercard and Uber only confirm this, focusing on assistance in the implementation of the project. Interesting is the fact that Facebook also said that the cooperation will be carried out 27 major partners in the Internet.


Many experts say that Bitcoins can rise to a value of 20 000 USD, however, this happen only if the impact of the us Federal reserve.

16 September 2019

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