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On the prospects of launching Ethereum 2.0

FXcoins - On the prospects of launching Ethereum 2.0

Acne Buterin is the Creator of Ethereum ecosystem. Most recently, he spoke about why Ethereum 2.0 should be good to go on the market - “15 transactions per second is almost nothing. If you want to affect the global economy, it is necessary to conduct tens of thousands of transactions per second. And Ethereum 2.0 sharding, I hope, will help to do it.” Buterin believes that the main problem of blockchain technology is scalability.


Buterin believes that the technology of the distributed registry has potential, but not enough actual deployment blockchain applications beyond cryptocurrencies. The main problem is the demand. It is difficult to identify what the demand will get a mechanism of consensus Proof-of-Stake. The Creator is a fan of technology multimedia, however, indicates that large-scale introduction is hindered by the problem of accessibility functionality for General use.


Further Buterin says - “for example, people will simply be lazy and run all your takinghave nodes on AWS. Or they will be even lazier and just to participate in steninge send the money on Binance, but Binance will deal with staginga for all. Whether people realize taking unsafe ways, which will lead to the break-ins? And how decentralized is the process really?”.


The developer of Ethereum, believes that the blockchain system is a universal solution to the problems. Thanks to the blockchain it is possible to strengthen the system of cyber security, Finance users and the safety of personal data. Alas, the official roster cannot be considered a universal way to solve problems. Acne Buterin said, “people often there is the impression that the blockchain is the technology that provides trust. But the reality is that it provides a certain kind of trust for particular types of claims.”

05 September 2019

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