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Especially issues of legal responsibility in the sphere of cryptocurrency

FXcoins - Especially issues of legal responsibility in the sphere of cryptocurrency

Criminal liability can be difficult, especially in the field of cryptocurrency. August 28, 2019, a meeting of the Commission on legal empowerment of the digital economy of the Moscow branch of Association of lawyers of Russia. Main purpose - changes in the law regarding digital money. The bill will consider in the Ministry of justice, General Prosecutor's office, Investigative Committee and the state Duma. During a meeting of the Commission of the issues just discussed, the commissioners and the Central office of AYUR, a Federal judge in Oklahoma (USA), representatives of the judicial examination Center under the Ministry of justice, law enforcement and prosecutors, representatives of the scientific community and practitioners.


The draft law "On digital of financial assets" was filed more than a year ago, but despite the fact that cryptocurrency transactions are rapidly gaining momentum due legal regulation is still missing. The relevance needless to say is clear to everyone. The practice of crypto-currencies is insignificant in Russia and it's a problem law enforcement agencies turn a blind eye to the majority of claims and investors remain outside legal protection. Also, this situation is disadvantageous for the economy of the Russian Federation, therefore, the city Council began to work on resolving the relevant legal frameworks.


In the document “ABOUT CFA” contains only information about the “digital asset”, the experts insist on the introduction of the term “virtual asset”, because in the law we are talking exclusively about the tokens, and criminal practices should take into account the real “virtual assets”. This distribution of the concepts will help to more clearly observe the rights of citizens. In order to clearly regulate offences in relation to cryptocurrency investors need to understand the legal nature and characteristics of the tokens and cryptocurrencies.

30 August 2019

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