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Telegram Open Network: innovation from Button Wallet

FXcoins - Telegram Open Network: innovation from Button Wallet

Alex Safronov, who is the founder CEO of a Button Wallet (BW is neoscopelidae multi-currency crypto), said that the company introduces to the market a test version of Telegram Open Network (TON). The bonus is that users who agree to use this system will be able to do it for free, while additionally having the 6.6 test tokens Gram. The purpose of the Telegram Open Network is the implementation of cryptocurrency transactions without possible risks. Because the bonus work with the Telegram is a quality encryption and protection against fraud. 


Given the fact that the Button supports such Wallet cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, ETC, Waves, Stellar Lumens (XLM) and tokens ERC-20. Working with TON increases the availability and efficiency of speculating assets, without access to the application. By Alex Safronov speaks thus - “the greatest obstacle to the development of cryptocurrencies – their mass adoption. We want to help people feel comfortable when trading without using real money”.


Rachel mccrary brothers (chief operating officer Button Wallet) argues that most people are simply afraid to invest in scriptactive. It is connected not only with the perception of e-currencies, but with the availability and possible loss of major Finance. The introduction of the Telegram Open Network on the market should liberate and to attract new users, after working with the TON gives the opportunity to start speculating with no loss of money.


We remind you that Hong Kong is now undergoing a series of rallies. Protesters stand up for their rights and oppose the adoption of a law that obliges local authorities to extradite suspects to jurisdictions. We remind you that China has no extradition Treaty.

27 August 2019

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