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What to do with bitcoin: sell or buy?

FXcoins - What to do with bitcoin: sell or buy?

Given the return of volatility to the market, the exchange rate of bitcoin is rising every hour. Given the fact that the course of growing up, many investors realized that it is better to make - to sell or to buy?


The currency is BTC, in recent years has experienced an incredible jump in price. In early July, one bitcoin was worth 14 000 USD, after the first week the price dropped to 9 000 USD, then the price jumped again, reaching 11 000 USD, after falling to 9 500 USD. Then the price started to increase and the exchange rate of bitcoin to the dollar started to rise, reaching its maximum in 12 of 333 USD. At the moment the current exchange rate of bitcoin is 11 634 USD.


Experts react to such spikes with care. The well-known trader Dmitry Lavrov have analyzed the situation and came to the conclusion about whether or not to buy bitcoin. In your Analytics it says that the purchase of BTC in the medium and short term does not make sense. Investing in cryptocurrency is based on the reversal signals which will be given to the desired levels.


If the signal will decrease to 10 000 USD, the price will fall to 9 000 USD and then to 6 000 USD. If price reaches USD 12,000, then the rate will grow further and will reach 13 880 USD.


Achieving profit is possible if the bitcoin was bought at the price from 6 000 to 9 000 USD. If the market goes to achievement rates July high - 13 880 USD, possible earnings with partial fixation of profit.


Nikita Zubarev, who is a senior analyst in the company BestChange, suggests that the exchange rate of bitcoin to dollar will vary in between 10 - 12 000 USD until the spring of 2020. Experts warn that this interval will be an observer of the short-term UPS and downs, so you need to be vigilant.

08 August 2019

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