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The Bitcoin exchange rate rose to the positions of the three-week high

FXcoins - The Bitcoin exchange rate rose to the positions of the three-week high

On Monday 05.08.2019 the exchange rate of bitcoin continues to grow, despite the rise of a three-week high. At 09.15 am Moscow time the current bitcoin exchange rate to the dollar reached $11 575,09 (+8,44%).

Late at night the exchange rate of bitcoin against the dollar jumped to 600 USD, while the growth of the trade volumes, which leads to operational mobilization of the bulls. In the last 24 hours trading volume jumped by 32%. To go to the rally, bitcoin needs to secure more than 11 800 USD. Earlier, exceeding the level of correction achieved 9300 USD, which was the starting point.


Maximum achievement was due to the turbulence in the financial markets of China. Investors have decided to use the new technology, buying the asset, which is not much linked with the traditional markets, because lately they are in an unstable position.


Analysts believe that the current bitcoin exchange rate received interest from investors due to the imminent launch of the platform bitcoin futures Bakkt. This situation points to unrealized purchasing potential that was muted negative developments with digital currency, Libra.


The value of bitcoin has increased by 10.78% due to inventory complexity, which led to a 10 trillion hashes. Following the re-registration difficulties will occur in two weeks if bitcoin will retain its dynamics, its value will rise another 11% to reach more than 11 trillion hashes.


Leaving the General provisions, the rapid capitalization of the segment reached more than 300 000 000 000 USD. The last time the index of dominance of bitcoin reached a new high at 65.7% in April last year.


Some analysts argue that the exchange rate of bitcoin to USD may reach up to 15 000 USD this week. The reason for this may be the weakness of the Central government and the Central Bank, which has not been demonstrated for many years to come.

05 August 2019

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