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Preliminary forecasts warn of decline bitcoin this summer

FXcoins - Preliminary forecasts warn of decline bitcoin this summer

Analysts forecast price movements of bitcoin, according to which July and August are not the most successful months for their growth. These findings are due to unstable dynamics in this month decline which is likely to last at least eight weeks. Latest figures compared with the previous changes is extremely low.

However, the forecasters argue that due to the various conventions of international scope, the value of the cryptocurrency will somehow gradually increase. It is also able to exert a direct impact of the devaluation of the Chinese currency relative to the U.S. dollar, against the background of a trade war between the two States.

Thus, the adjustment is expected in the range of 25 % from current position. A small drop can have a positive impact on the market that will be able to relax a bit from the sudden and powerful excitement. Subsequently, this can lead to a more stable and equitable growth. Then interest in the coin will not have time to cool off, but trading volumes will be more balanced. Opinion on this is shared by all intelligence analysts, the company which directly interact with the financial cryptocurrency space.

14 June 2019

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