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The prospects of merging bitcoin and Facebook

FXcoins - The prospects of merging bitcoin and Facebook

According to distributed network information, the company Facebook is working on a classified project called Libra. Based on some leaks and rumors, many conclude that it is based on the idea of the payment system with the adaptation to technology of the blockchain, along with the introduction of the new system's own cryptocurrency coin. Development occurs in isolation, but it already interested the Senate of the United States of America.

While it is unknown what caused these changes, but this is a logical and natural step in the development of the Corporation, to deviate from which would be unwise decision. However, what it has become now not like very many people, because the organization actually has unlimited possibilities in relation to them. This is especially true of weird vulnerabilities that provide access to everyone private information of users.

However, the main doubts yet is the fact that Bitcoin operates in the framework of decentralization, which implies a full and individual disposal of its assets. This contradicts the already established direction of Facebook, which has for many years clearly uses a distributed network.

21 May 2019

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