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Lucien Chen was fired for violation of the law and corporate rules

FXcoins - Lucien Chen was fired for violation of the law and corporate rules

Company Tron Foundation commented on the scandal leaving former STO technical Director. According to their version, Lucien Chen was dishonorably discharged in January for the glaring disregard for corporate ethics and, in particular, by law. The statement also stresses that the organization has already conducted an internal investigation, the results of which were removed from their posts two employees for financial fraud for personal gain. In addition, they also are charged with bribery and theft of commercial secrets and intellectual property.

In addition to General information, also focused on the fact that the merits of the former Director to direct the development of the project are exaggerated and require no less scrutiny. However, representatives of the community Reddit, which had published the statement noted that until now, details about the incident were not, including outside of the information channel. Moreover, according to others Chen has left the project due to the actual absence of the proposed decentralization, with a clear intention to bring to life their own vision of how things should work in a similar system.

17 May 2019

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