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In the results of a hacker attack exchange Binance lost 7000 BTC

FXcoins - In the results of a hacker attack exchange Binance lost 7000 BTC

Security cryptocurrency exchanges Binance was discovered a fatal vulnerability that caused the loss of 7,000 bitcoins, equivalent to 40.5 million dollars. Comments have already been provided by the representatives of the organization, which also said that the attackers managed to only get to auxiliary and backup of the wallet, which contained only 2% of the total amount of available funds.

Yet performed the action to cover losses, which will use money from its own Fund company, which was founded in 2018 and since then, receiving about 10% of the total fees from completed transactions. In addition, the planned technical work for the improvement and extension of protective subsystems, which according to preliminary calculations required approximately 6 days, during which it will be impossible to replenish a Deposit account or withdraw any assets. However, all investors will be able to continue to trade normally.

The incident has not had a significant impact on the courses the most common among users of electronic currency, but of all the minor cuts, the most affected is the leading coin directly trading site.

10 May 2019

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