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Cryptocurrency investors are buying up Tether at inflated prices

FXcoins - Cryptocurrency investors are buying up Tether at inflated prices

Now on platforms existing outside of the exchange environment, investors from China have become more active, buying a new stablon Tether is much higher than the nominal value, which quickly attracted the attention of analysts. Despite the fact that he has established the official exchange rate, buyers are willing to pay more for faster to obtain desired assets at their disposal.

This situation is due to the ban two years ago, in relation to the stock market and the attendant operations in China. In this regard, investments in the USDT on independent resources with the subsequent release in the external space of the stock has become almost the only alternative for traders to trade with assets of this kind. Due to serious shortages, increased demand and payment of the price tag is justified.

For the last day of the trading volume coin has reached over 18 billion US dollars, 2.1 billion is the sum of the market capitalization as of today. In parallel to these events the growth continues Bitcoin, which for a week has managed to become more expensive by almost 28 %.

10 April 2019

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