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Large companies are trying to close Bitcoin within the DarkNet

FXcoins - Large companies are trying to close Bitcoin within the DarkNet

Bitcoin exchange rate rose 0.7 %, the day before yesterday and it was a good signal for investors who doubt the benefits of investing in this cryptocurrency. Still they waited, while will be overcome in the $ 4,000 pinning position, but the sudden jump of 28% has allowed her to cross the threshold of $5000, which was the main news of the day.

However, last year the dynamics were much more substantial, after the large-scale collapse when the coin fell in value from $6200 to $3100. When you restore a quotation indicators, thanks to the upward trend, the price tag has risen by as much as 25 %. However, according to the latest data obtained in the course of private investigation, almost all operations with electronic currency turned out to be a fraud, that the public so far has not reacted since the incident came to light in the busiest days of the week.

In parallel with BTC there was a threat from major corporations who are developing their own virtual currency assets, which significantly raised the demand for blockchain developers. Rendered in this case, the competition is able to Excel in the stock market Bitcoin and drive it deep into the shadow of the Internet.

02 April 2019

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