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The exchange rate of bitcoin fell below $4000

FXcoins - The exchange rate of bitcoin fell below $4000

The growth of bitcoin stopped moving and began to decline, causing the price drop by 1.75 % to 3986 US dollars, despite the fact that the graph remains in uptrends. Simultaneously, there is a decline of other cryptocurrencies in the stock markets, which were also unable to stay on the same position and fell together with the total market capitalization. Which is now $70 680 billion.

In accordance with the situation, analysts suggest that such changes can have much more serious consequences if they will continue. Then the price can fall much lower values, which still hold an electronic currency without a critical for trading downgrades. It is assumed that this behavior is due to the technical failures that have been repeated many times.

In addition, some investors believe the reason for the refusal of the SEC in favor of the launch of a Bitcoin ETF, since the change of course occurred immediately after it, and logically fit into such a development. For any rapid growth in the opposite direction has no essential prerequisites, and buyers are not ready to support cryptocurrency in an attempt to get out of this situation.

26 March 2019

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