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Bitcoin stopped growing and got stuck

FXcoins - Bitcoin stopped growing and got stuck

As of today the largest cryptocurrency remains at the same position, almost reaching the level of penetration. At the moment its price is 3875 dollars, and to become greater while not going as yet sufficient fundamental support. However, analysts' forecasts are positive — they are confident that in the near future, the price barrier will be overcome and will be able to radically change the situation on the market.

It is expected that the next delay will not happen below $3900, which is the coin needs to get to with the help of sellers. They are able to provide the same support for digital currency and take it to a whole new level in cost, in comparison with the current situation on the stock exchanges.

Simultaneously, popular crypto wallets seriously reworked policy support. Virtual wallet Abra now fully supports Ethereum. Now, the operation of transferring tokens from similar services are available to everyone and very simple to implement. In addition, such innovations will allow the use of credit cards, which generally received a positive response from investors and traders.

19 March 2019

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