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Speculators cannot derail the course of bitcoin

FXcoins - Speculators cannot derail the course of bitcoin

The last few days the bitcoin exchange rate was under pressure, but despite stopping its growth, to stay on the same position, barely dropping to 0.13 %. Currently the reduction is suspended, in spite of technical measures taken for this purpose. Now electronic currency held on the price level of 3,869 USD on the background that among the most significant investors rose disagreements.

Not so long ago, a substantial increase in the amount of 3.5% was recorded, although the cryptocurrency still needs additional reasons for its stronger consolidation against the background of similarly diverse assets with similar dynamics. Yet the total market capitalization remained almost unchanged at $132 668 billion against the us dollar, BTC remains within the $4000 and persists in trying to overcome it, which could happen in case of a breakdown.

Buyers so far have leading market position, providing active support, not taking into account minor and does not play any significant role reducing. While that is expected to be more digestible and understandable signals for the most robust trading decisions.

12 March 2019

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