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The possibility of a breakthrough Bitcoin exchange rate is over $4000

FXcoins - The possibility of a breakthrough Bitcoin exchange rate is over $4000

While the cryptocurrency is only slightly decreased in price by 0.18 %, remaining at $ 3,600.

In the long term this will have a positive impact on the consolidation of buyers and should expect a significant growth up, despite the fact that other leading digital assets yet show a completely different performance dynamics of its development, while the capitalization of the financial market as a whole is $110 838 billion.

While waiting for new reasons for growth, notes that it pushes the SEC propaganda, as some representatives see a significant threat in the official regulation of electronic money. This is the main assumption of the Commissioner for exchange-traded assets Esther pierce, who predicts a full stop functioning blockchain with such developments. Making an official statement about this at the University of Missouri, she said that we should give the technology more space for development, until it was too late.

This influenced many of the officials who decided not to make any hasty decisions, especially given the decline in the number of investors 60 %. As long As the developers continue to improve their practices, yet for this there are the most favorable conditions.

20 February 2019

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