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The collapse of the bitcoin the mark below 3400 USD

FXcoins - The collapse of the bitcoin the mark below 3400 USD

In connection with the growth in trade volumes due to the increase in the relevance of asset sales, one of the most popular e-currencies at risk of falling to an annual low much below the cost of $3400.

In addition, the cryptocurrency market as a whole threatens to collapse, given the impact that has on him in particular bitcoin. Now analysts are actively discussing the possibility of recurrence of the situation in the summer, after which the currency's value has changed. Now projected to drop to at least $2000.


On the other hand, this situation may be useful to those who do not have time to take a moment to invest two years ago, because of mass reduction in the cost of digital money — this is the moment when they can invest with the prospect of further growth.


Of course, it is important to note that future growth may not justify their expectations, so to approach this question one should as thoroughly as possible. However, this, in turn, signals a potentially high prospects, especially if that sector is not in doubt, in relation to the activity of its action.

07 February 2019

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