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Maybe it's time to look at the Ripple?

FXcoins - Maybe it's time to look at the Ripple?

Not a bitcoin one. In the ranking of the cryptocurrency happen reshuffle.


Last week, the XRP (XRP/USD) token that is bound to the platform Ripple, twice shifted the ether (ETH/USD) from the second spot of the charts on CoinMarketCap. And it's not a cryptocurrency, emission controlled, and rely on the fact that XRP will become the next bitcoin, it is impossible. However, as the asset and financial instrument XRP has the potential to show good results in the coming year.


Ripple can be described as a payment system for professional market players. Familiar technologies make interbank transactions expensive, long and uncomfortable. Ripple solves this problem. This is an attempt to build a universal Protocol to access the global financial market. Ripple takes on the identity of the payment, currency exchange, delivery — all this on our beloved blockchain. If earlier entry into the market for making cross-border multicurrency payments was difficult, but now the financial question is: join the machine, you can send money anywhere.


As in any blockchain, Ripple has its own token XRP, which is designed to serve as a bridge for transactions between different currencies. Lately amid the good news XRP shows steady growth. It would seem that the token that can be used in large volumes — here it is, the next bitcoin. But here's the trick — to use XRP does not necessarily refer to RippleNet and Vice versa. These are two different product. Both sharpened by the financial operations of large companies.


The creation of the Ripple stood jed McCaleb. Someone he knows as the author of eDonkey, veterans katrinka — as the Creator of Mt.Gox, and today McCaleb known as the founder of Stellar. All of his offspring, with the exception that Mt.Gox, thrive, and Ripple is no exception. Ripple is already too big to fail in one day. However, he is quite young, and he has room to grow. Working cases already exist: the service instant transfer TransferGo has started to use Ripple for transfers to India.


Bypass traditional systems like SWIFT has allowed to increase the speed of transactions and reduce their cost. Such examples are many, but most have joined the network only developing new products — all the loudest and most interesting launches await us in 2019. Ripple is quite an aggressive marketing policy, funds the universities and is not going to fall out of the agenda. Alas, to participate in this story, if you're not a Bank and payment system impossible.


According to the materials of the podcast Satoshi.fm.

02 October 2018

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