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Nasdaq will release a tool to predict prices of cryptocurrencies

FXcoins - Nasdaq will release a tool to predict prices of cryptocurrencies

One of the largest stock exchanges of the USA prepares to add tools to predict price movements of the cryptocurrency assets in its center Analytics Hub. The center, launched last year, uses the capabilities of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) for the analysis of social networks and other alternative data sources to give investors the best way to assess market movements.


To date, Analytics Hub focused on traditional assets, but adding the cryptocurrency, apparently, is another signal of the growing interest of wall street to the emerging sector. “Given the abundance of interest, we study the datasets associated with cryptocurrencies. Why not be associated with the crypto, the product?” – said the head of the center of alternative data Nasdaq bill Dig.


On the other hand, the source who works with Nasdaq, said that new associated with the bitcoin functionality is currently undergoing beta testing prior to launch, scheduled for November. News comes after earlier this year, the General Director adena Friedman, Nasdaq stated that the company has products for bitcoin futures. In addition, in April she said Nasdaq even think about creating a crypto currency exchange.

13 September 2018

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