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Swiss Bank starts working with cryptocurrency

FXcoins - Swiss Bank starts working with cryptocurrency

Swiss banks are gradually introducing cryptocurrency payments.

More recently it became known that the economic institution Maerki Baumann will accept payments in the cryptocurrency. The Bank, located in Zurich, will begin work with crypto assets received for services rendered or in the form of income from mining.


The prerequisite for this decision was the popularity of such services in the country. The Bank staff said that at present their establishment is not prepared to make direct investments in the cryptocurrency, but is ready to provide "experts" for clients interested in investing in the digital currency. In addition, the Bank "closely" for the cryptocurrency industry: "At this stage we are considering crypto-currencies as alternative investment tools, but do not have enough data about this market and experience with digital currencies".


Despite this, the Bank States that "now there is no need to invest large sums in digital currency", adding: "a Cryptocurrency in our opinion, are not suitable for long-term investment because of the uncertainties described above."


Even with this statement, the fact that Swiss banks are gradually beginning to work with cryptocurrency companies, is quite a positive trend, which should pay attention of cryptocurrency investors.

17 August 2018

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