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  • FXcoins - Lawsuits against Pavel Durov

    Lawsuits against Pavel Durov

    Vladimir Smerkis, who is the head of Tokenbox, pointed out that most investors of ICO Telegram are going to sue the founder of the project Pavel Durov. The reason for this behavior on the part of the participants is that their losses will exceed 28%, as many of them used the services of dealing cen...

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    13 May 2020

  • FXcoins - What will happen to bitcoin after halving

    What will happen to bitcoin after halving

    Research team CoinShares has developed several plausible scenarios for the dynamics of bitching after coming Kalinga, from the negative and catastrophic consequences, ending with neutral and positive. The cryptocurrency industry has just been through two halving, the consequences of which are...

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    07 May 2020

  • FXcoins - As bitcoin company passed a policy GoogleAds

    As bitcoin company passed a policy GoogleAds

    Cryptocurrency exchange CoinCorn, geographically located in the UK, are unable to get on the advertising platform of Google Ads, while her version of phishing has continued to attract potential customers. The crux of the matter is that Google's policy against cryptocurrency companies and the ...

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    01 May 2020

  • FXcoins - Whether Bitcoin will reach $20 000

    Whether Bitcoin will reach $20 000

    Billionaire and head of the Galaxy Digital said in any case cease to believe in the first cryptocurrency. Why its price will rise to 8400 USD, explained Peter brand. Mike Novogratz, head of the Digital Galaxy and part-millionaire, claims he lowered his hands, if the price of bitcoin rise up to the ...

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    14 April 2020

  • FXcoins - Took in the cryptocurrency gave in counterfeit rubles

    Took in the cryptocurrency gave in counterfeit rubles

    Recently the employees of the interior Ministry of the Russian Federation has revealed a criminal gang of counterfeiters who were engaged in sale of fake rubles in the darknet marketplace Hydra for the cryptocurrency. The police say that during the year its activities, the group printed and exchang...

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    08 April 2020

  • FXcoins - A token toilet paper

    A token toilet paper

    No one could have imagined that in 2020 toilet paper would gain wide demand among consumers and become a valuable asset. When the coronavirus epidemic turned into a pandemic, toilet paper became so valuable that it was difficult to find in stores around the world, leading to public disorder. To buy...

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    02 April 2020