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FXcoins - Traders battle

Traders battle


Simple rules, prizes, no risk is a new competition, the company FXcoins "Traders battle"


No matter you are a Pro or a beginner, participation in the contest is a unique chance to try their hand at trading and compete for prizes!

All participants in learning accounts we are credited with$ 10,000. Everything is fair: you trade on a demo account and win with us — start-up capital and desirable prizes. Open a demo account right now and take your first step towards winning.

You need to go through 3 steps to win the prize:

  • To open a demo account. It takes just a couple minutes! The account will be credited with 10,000 USD. You don't have to look for money, they are already yours! To open an account
  • To maximize the initial Deposit during the contest
  • To enter the top profit and become the owner of valuable prizes

What are the prizes you get:

1 place - Apartment in Moscow on Presnenskaya embankment (10 minutes from Moscow city, main economic centre in Eastern Europe)

2nd place - Audi Q7 (the SUV class. Maximum pleasure from the control and the attention of others)

3rd place - 1 000 000 rubles (Prove your experience and luck that you're the top trader!)

4-50 place - 500 000 rubles


With empty hands will not leave one! We are giving away 7 cash prizes among the participants from 4th to 50th place

1 prize - 200 000 roubles; 2nd prize - 100 000 roubles; 4th prize - 50 000 rubles


Contest rules

  • The contest starts and ends 10.10.2019 01.01.2020
  • To participate in the contest you need to open a demo account. You will be awarded 10000 USD.
  • The winners are the participants who managed to maximize the initial Deposit in the course of the contest.
  • On a demo account you can make trades with the currency, commodity and derivative markets (stocks and shares), the cryptocurrency market. Participants can use any trading strategy.
  • A raffle will be held among the TOP 50 participants following the contest, may win only once.


10 October 2019

FXcoins - Win Iphone Xs in two clicks!

Win Iphone Xs in two clicks!


You only need to open a personal account on the platform and automatically become a contender for the possession of a cherished leader!


September 30, through random.org will be determined 10 winners will get a stylish device.


Win a stylish device with a top broker.


And while summing up the results of the previous draw!


  1. Account No. 48**3 - login [email protected]
  2. Account No. 53**3 - login [email protected]
  3. Account No. 58**0 - login [email protected]
  4. Account No. 55**3 - login [email protected]
  5. Account No. 66**6 - login [email protected]
  6. Account No. 53**0 - login [email protected]
  7. Account No. 49**0 - login [email protected]
  8. Account No. 48**5 - login [email protected]
  9. Account No. 13**3 - login [email protected]
  10. Account No. 35**8 - login [email protected]


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02 September 2019

FXcoins - Motivation to learn — fly to Sunny Cyprus

Motivation to learn — fly to Sunny Cyprus


Enjoy all the benefits of working with FX COINS. Our training is not only an opportunity to learn from the experience of experts.


In the period from 12.07. 2019 — 01.10 2019 will be selected three best students. At the company's expense, the winners will visit Limassol, will take part in Cyprus Forex Summit. Yesterday's novice plunge into the world of professional trading, the first to know new trends.


Use the options FX COINS 100%


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15 July 2019

FXcoins - First steps with FX Coins

First steps with FX Coins


Learn to trade together, safely, quickly and effectively!


Learn from the practical experience of experts at your convenient time online.


  • Overview of the financial markets from top traders with 5 years experience.
  • Learn to determine the potential yield and to assess the long-term investment.
  • A comprehensive package of educational materials for the novice trader.
  • Free personal financial analyst.

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01 March 2019

FXcoins - Profits without borders — fly to London on the traders forum

Profits without borders — fly to London on the traders forum

London traders forum is around the corner — hurry up to take part in it!


You can get more profit. For the period 01.01.2019 — 20.03.2019 will be selected three of the coolest traders with the highest profitability.


The winners for the account of the company will be able to attend a special London event — the 2019 International TraderForum, and will have the opportunity to plunge into the world of professional trading.


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01 March 2019

FXcoins - Spring mood

Spring mood


In anticipation of the holidays all the girls opened a Deposit account in March, will be available 100% of the subsidiary's capital when you Deposit any amount.


In addition to new clients this also applies to already registered because this is a great opportunity to safely and efficiently drill into the trading platforms, stock market and financial market in General.


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26 February 2019

FXcoins - Double your Deposit

Double your Deposit


Only until 31 October, we offer new customers to our company to take part in the profitable stocks.


When you open a GOLD account in the amount of 500 euros, You can double your Deposit bonus of 100%.


The action involves the GOLD accounts opened in the period from 01.10.18 for 31.10.18 inclusive.


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01 October 2018

FXcoins - Event "Crypto-GOLD"

When you open a GOLD account this summer, You will get 5 main benefits to working with cryptocurrency:


1. Training in the use of cryptocurrency;

2. Personal support;

3. Turnkey solutions: investment ideas, trading systems, model portfolios;

4. Free subscription to webinars;

5. Insurance first transaction up to € 250.

The BONUS for each account +100% of your first Deposit amount!


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05 May 2018

To every account bonus + 100%!


Start trading bitcoin today and you will see the result tomorrow!



to trade

500 €

500 €

1000 €

1000 €

1000 €

2000 €

2500 €

2500 €

5000 €

04 May 2018